Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Sydney

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is a surgery which aims to restore and recreate the shape of a natural breast. It is a physically and mentally rewarding procedure for women who have lost their breast due to a medical condition. This procedure is mainly performed by a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who is highly trained in reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. 

Breast Reconstruction can be performed either as an immediate or a delayed procedure. Both procedures can be performed using prosthetic or autologous tissue flaps. Breast reconstruction with autologous tissue flaps, usually obtained from the abdomen remains as the gold standard procedure as it creates more natural looking breasts with higher women’s satisfaction rate. It also provides long-lasting results. However, many other factors which include clinical factors and patients’ personal preference will determine the choice of surgery performed. A personalized consultation with Dr Frank Hsieh is required to identify the type of surgery which would best meet your needs.

Making an Informed Decision

During your personalized consultation with Dr Frank Hsieh, all the risks relating to your surgery will be disclosed and you will be informed of what to expect during and after the procedure.  An informed financial consent detailing the surgeon, hospital and anesthetist fees will be provided before you are booked for the procedure.

General Risks and Complications

Even with a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, breast reconstruction, like any surgical procedure, can be associated with potential risks. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with the procedure to make an informed decision on the procedure. Choosing an experienced, qualified and highly trained reconstructive surgeon will minimize the risk and complications.

General Risks:

Implant Related Complications

Flap Related Complications

Factors Influencing Breast Reconstruction Risks:

Next Step:

Request a consultation with Dr Hsieh for a detailed discussion of the risk and type of procedure which is most suited for  you. During the consultation. Dr. Hsieh will run through your risk assessment and suggest ways to minimize them. We are here to help you make an informed decision. 

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